5 effective ways to loose weight faster

5 effective ways to loose weight
Written by Anusha
Here we come up with the best exercises to loose weight faster really faster.
We need every thing faster no matter what it is. There are people who loves to have a lot of junk food and not ready for workouts. Here are some workouts which will help you to loose weight and tighten your body really fast.
If you are not a serious exerciser and if you want to work out for health or to be fit into your favorite clothes.
If you don’t want to spend your time listening to the instructions of the trainer in the gym and fed up with the same thread mill , weights and other machine.yet some of the best physical activities for your body which won’t require gym and makes you fit enough to a marathon
Here we are with the top most effective exercises with the best results.

1.Swimming for Weight loss:(Burns around 600 calories per hour):

Swimming is the most effective way which will indeed reduce more calories than the expected. It also helps you to relax from the daily stress since it will be fun filling work out. There will be a very wide range of advantages with the swimming . Keeps your heart rate up, tones and strengthen your muscles. it will also helps to maintain healthy weight , healthy lungs and healthy muscles. swimming provides over a work out to your body since each and every muscle will be moved when you are swimming.
There are very wide range of advantages for swimming. But you need to search for a good pool and trainer to learn swimming.In most of the cities, it is not that difficult to search for swimming pools. there are many places with more benefits.

2.jogging to loose weight: (burns around 600 calories per hour):

Jogging is a very popular physical activity. you can run at any time and any place based on your interest. some runners choose to participate in fun runs like marathon.
Practicing jogging will helps you with the regular health benefits. jogging will helps you to build strong bones as it is a weight bearing exercise.
Jogging will improve cardiovascular fitness. it will also helps you to loose weight very quickly. plenty of kilojoules will be burnt while jogging.
 jogging will helps you strengthen your muscles and also helps you maintain healthy weight.
It will be good practice to jog wearing jogging shoes and also jogging is not an expensive workout.

3.Skipping to reduce weight:(burns around 1000 calories per hour):

Skipping is a childhood game that we all remember. I still remember playing this with my friends on regular rotations . sometimes playing it myself.
Skipping has become new form of workout for loosing weight .Skipping helps you maintain healthy weight . like swimming , it is an over all body work out which tone your whole body.
Jumping rope will acts as a calorie cooker . very few exercises will work like jump rope.
Skipping rope will helps to increase your bone density.but it isn’t hard on your joints . jumping is also good for your brain to function efficiently. it will improves the concentration skills of your brain.
It is effort-able and is very easy to carry to where ever you want.

Cycling to loose weight:(burns around 600 calories per hour):

Cycling is a very well know form of workouts which has a very wide range of effect.
If you are kind of person who doesn’t like a form of workouts and categorizing some time for that. you can choose cycling for weight loss. instead of taking 4 wheeler or a 2 wheeler (motor bike). choose cycle as your mode of transport if you are staying around 5KMS of your office premises else you can use cycle for travelling to grocery stores or to buy some stationary.
Here the benefits that it includes:
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Improves stamina
  • Helps to improve the heart beat rate.

Walking to loose weight:(burns 240 calories for hour):

Walking will helps to reduce the weight and it is very simpler exercise. just walk for an hour or so.
if you have a park or some ground just go and have some walk so that , you can refresh yourself from the stressful life and also it will also helps you to loose weight .
These are the exercises that will helps you to loose weight in just a few days.

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