Android/IOS Apps to avoid traffic

Android/ios apps to avoid traffic
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This post is specially for the people who hates traffic. Yes! this is true and we are here with the top best apps that will helps you to determine how the traffic is and helps you to lead to work as soon as you can.Traditional tools like google maps or some thing else will guide you through the way but will no go further than that. Indeed traffic can screw one day very easily. So lets see some apps which will be very helpful for traffic hatters.


Inrix is a open sourced app for iOS and Android which gathers traffic data and alerts to make you more knowlegeable on which road the traffic is crowded and on which it is free.Inrix is having security cameras in almost every area so that you can see how much overfolded the road is.

The biggest advantage of using this app is, Inrix let us select our own desired root in which it will define where and all the crowd exsists. Thats the best  feature than getting the random best route.

Inrix is also having the special feature of showing up the incidents that were happened on the road like some sort of accident which may lead to traffic jam with the best description.
You can also save the times you plan to arrive to work, for example, and have Inrix notify you when you should probably get going.

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Beat the Traffic:

Beat the Traffic is another option that provides a slightly nicer user interface than Inrix. The traffic you might face is spelled out a bit more clearly. It’s free for iOS and Android.

The downside is that Beat the Traffic is only available in the United States and Canada and may not be as accurate as Inrix since it’s not crowdsourced. More than a few reviews in the App Store have negative things to say about the accuracy.

More than anything, accuracy with these apps depend entirely on your area. Beat the Traffic is free, so it’s worth a download to test out the accuracy in your area if you like the design and features of the app.

You can save your favorite routes and name them, view traffic cameras and incidents, and receive notifications about the traffic nearby. Routes are adjustable here as well so you can drive on the roads of your liking.

For long rides, opt to avoid tolls if possible. Beat the Traffic even integrates weather reports so planning your commute through the rain (or around it) is a bit easier.

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Waze takes an extremely unique approach to traffic management that might even make traffic fun. Traffic and fun don’t usually appear in the same sentence together, but Waze makes mapping and navigating social.
The app, free for iOS and Android, is completely crowdsourced and has millions of active users worldwide. On top of collecting hard traffic and incident data, Waze grants users the ability to report traffic and incidents when passing by them.

Incidents that other Waze users report appear in little bubbles scattered throughout the map, or as an alert if you’re using GPS navigation with Waze and come across an incident in your route.

You can save your home and work addresses in Waze. Additionally, the app gets smarter on its own the more you drive and use your own routes. It’ll learn which way you go most often and eventually populate with traffic data along that route.

Waze even suggests an alternative route while you’re driving.

Add friends, earn points driving and reporting incidents and leave messages for other Waze users on the road. It’s a charming, yet extremely effective approach to conquering the roads sans traffic.

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ETA is a treat for enthusiasts of minimalism. As the name might suggest, the app’s sole purpose of existence is to let you know your estimated time of arrival for as many locations as you want to monitor.

Just add your current location, then all of your other locations you typically travel to. ETA lists the estimated time of arrival for all of them. It also provides multiple routes with their ETAs and of course the ability to start up turn-by-turn navigation and start the commute.

The app doesn’t include the fancy features that the other three on this list do, such as specific traffic alerts, incident reports or even the ability to save your own routes.

It simply provides for a quick and easy way to learn about the traffic around you and prepare to leave accordingly so you arrive at your destination on time.

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