Best iOS Emulators for windows

best ios emulators
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Are you a fan of iOS ? Are you willing to run Apple Apps in your own laptop or PC(Windows). Well, Here we go ! with the BEST iOS EMULATORS for windows. Emulator? If you are reading this term for the first time then here is the explanation for that. An emulator is a software program which is programmed to create a platform or environment(Virtual machine) to run all the apps. it will act as a dummy mobile .

As everyone knows, Buying an iPhone , iPad or MAC Book is an expensive thing and not everyone can afford to buy. So, with the help of emulators you can get to know the all the functioning of the iOS. An addition to that , you can also play around with the APPLE APPS.

You might have used emulators like bluestacks for android and Android still leads the race in people using emulators for the experience of Android in their PC but still there are equal amount of users for apple who wish to use the same. So, We planned to help you in the path by providing BEST iOS EMULATORS  for windows.

Best iOS Emulators for windows:

The emulators which will be described below are highly efficient and popular.

MobiOne Studio

Mobione Studio is an open source software. It is one of the best iOS emulator which enables users to play around with the iOS apps and games. It is also very useful in developing cross-platform mobile games for both android and ios.

MobiOne apps are built using popular HTML5 hybrid-native app model using open-source Cordova/PhoneGap framework.

Optionally, you can choose to create an optimized mobile webapp or website


There are videos and screenshots available in the website for the user convenience.

Mobione emulator

Mobione emulator


iPadian iPad Emulator is one of the most popular iOS emulators for windows. The touch and feel feature of the software makes you feel the iOS features. It has the capability to run the new iOS 10 in your windows machine. The special features like iMessages , Siri will give an amazing experience overall. iPadian launched with all the advances features which can also customize.

ipadian emulator

iPadian emulator


Smartface is an Iphone app emulator and tester which helps to develop cross platform native iOS apps. It is a full featured mobility management platform that removes dependency, increases productivity.

You can develop apps using Smartface and then one can easily push the code to the github and thus can be saved.

This is the best IOS emulator if you are looking for the looking to have an experience of an iPhone , iPod and iPad.



Simulator is implemented for both iPhone and iPad which is very well implemented and helpful for the people whoever looking for the simulators for IOS

iPhone Simulator is an interface that provides access to the default applications like clock, calendar, notepad .. etc . Apart from that we can also play with all the iPhone Apps and games that you wish to work on. iPhone simulator helps you to test all the iPhone features and also let you know the functionalities of the iOS features. It itself is having good graphical user interface which is indeed gives look and feel.

iPad Simulator is an extension to google chrome. it will provide the best experience with ipad that you feel when you buy that.

AIR iPhone

AIR iPhone is an Adobe Air application that enables you to iPhone’s GUI and you will be capable of running all the apps in the store . This emulator is just a replica of the iPhone in your windows PC.


These are the best iOS emulators that will work pretty well. These will be very helpful for the people who wants to develop the iOS apps or to feel the iOS apps and games. We also provided the links for all the emulators. Let us know the review by commenting below!!


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