Best Ways to improve health and stay healthy!

best ways to improve health and stay healthy
Written by Anusha
‘Health..Staying healthy is not quite a bit difficult these day. If you want to stay healthy, that’s simple go through this post it has lot and lots of useful tips with no effects. Isn’t that strange. It might be but these are very helpful health hacks which ends up with the best results.
Tired of the boring stressful life. fed up with the work stress . here are the hacks that will help you forget about the stress. if you feel the hacks the are little strange, that’s OK ! you will be surprised with the result. all these hacks are from the home ingredients.

Not able to sleep:

Can’t go to bed. Yes! this is a serious problem that people were facing these days. There is a hack that will direct you to sleep not even into dreams.
Take a warm shower bath will help you release the stress and direct you to deep sleep when you fall on your bed


Try yoga to improve your brain power. this is a traditional approach to reduce the stress and weight at a time.There are many benefits that will come with the yoga.If you are new to this yoga , there will be many yoga classes that will held in your surrounding at the morning. In case you can’t get up in the morning wait for my post on basic yoga poses(will not let you wait more!).


There might not be a best way to chill your self. start smiling and you will feel very peaceful and  happy.I wanted to suggest to the people who are working, spent some time for chilling out. Go to your colleagues place spend some time cracking jokes and enjoying yourself. This might be one of the stress release capsule for you.

Stress relief:

Take a pen and paper. write away the stressful thinking. Do some creative work. think as you are an artist and paint some crazy stuff. Bring out the craziness inside you , be more creative. In that way, your creativeness might also increase.


Being workaholic is not health-friendly.Be productive when you are working,walk after the lunch for some time. This practice will helps you not to gain weight while walking for some time the food will digest thus no cholesterol.

If you want to loose weight, Read more about effective ways to loose weight


Might heard mom saying ‘chew the food’. the best way to eat less is to chew more.

Indeed that is true. chewing more will helps to put less effort to your digestion system which will reduce the effort of your body and it will act on the cholesterol.

The best trick to reduce the intake is ‘chew a gum ‘ between the meals. researchers suggested chewing gum between meals will reduce hunger and the calories intake.


Lemon has the best ingredients which will help to reduce the cholesterol. take a lemon everyday. A lemon a day keeps the cholesterol away .This is what i have been reading it from days when i started searching the ways to loose weight. But, there is a way where it will also improve your immunity and stamina

Drink water:

Drink more water to stay healthy and fit. Intake of water helps body to stay hydrated which will helps the body to stay healthy and active.  Make sure to habituate of taking AT LEAST 8 glasses of water. This topic might helps to strengthen your immune system.

These are the hacks that will help you to reduce the stress and stay fit.Staying fit is not an easy way. You might also read the article to reduce the weight in an effective way
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