Get rid of stubborn arm fat without weights

get rid of stubborn arm fat without weights
Written by Anusha

Arm fat is very stubborn fat which requires a lot of effort to reduce. This is very common problem these days in both male and female genders but more for females out of 10 females 8 were facing the problem of arm fat.

Might have heard some specific workouts to reduce arm fat.But those require lots of effort and patience.In this hectic schedule, will not have time to spend for exercises or the weights .

So, we after many researches come up with the tips to reduce arm fat without any sort of specific exercises like handling weights.

Tips to reduce arm fat without weights

Eat breakfast:

Many people will skip their breakfast in their daily routine due to busy schedule or some other reasons. this might be one among the reasons which tends to store the fat inside your arms.
Remember a saying by our ancestor which completely makes sense here

Eat breakfast like a KING.

Lunch like a PRINCE.

Dinner like a PAUPER.

So, Make sure to have break fast. eat healthy, stay healthy and start your day without hunger. Never skip your breakfast

Have water:

Intake of water is very important since it will keep your body hydrated. Drink enough water at least 8 glasses per day.Drink before every meal. This will be the major key for losing weight.

Have smaller plates:

Instead of having all the plate of meal at once. It is the best practice to have meals in a partitional manner. Have small portions in a regular intervals. So that the cholesterol will work in a proper manner  thus, it will never end up  gaining weight.

Focus on DIET:

Diet is one of the main concern that have to be taken care of. There are certain measures that you should consider while having something

  • Stop having junk foods which will contains most of the sugar quantity.
  • Sodas or Drinks will spoil your diet so, keep them aside
  • Having green tea will helps you to loose some extra calories and thus reduction if weight.
  • Complete your dinner at least 30 minutes before going to bed.
  • Make sure the diet is well balanced to meet your daily nutrients .
  •  Count down the calories so that you can track your cardio accordingly.
  • Eat healthy and stay healthy

Here are the steps to stay healthy. Read more about Ways to stay healthy and fit


Involve some cardio on your daily basis. Add some exercise to your daily basis for at least half-an-hour. So that it will helps you to stay active and also stay fit.

This might be a tip which will be very helpful. Use stair cases instead of elevator. Thus it will extends your joints and helps you to burn your calories.

If you want to travel less than a kilometer prefer to walk than hiring an auto or a cab. These are some healthier ways without stepping into the gym.

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If you find cardio is the most boring then, you can make your workout more fun. If i say the synonym of that workout is outdoor games! does that makes sense ? Yep, there are some set of games that will effect your arms especially.You can go to your club house . talk with your freinds for sometimes and play with them . Here are the set of games that will helps you to loose your arm fat.

  • Tennis
  • Rowing
  • Boxing

Thus, the conclusion is ” Whether you think you are ready or not, just start right now! There is a MAGIC in action.”

Stay tuned !

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