Google Helps in finding nearest ATMs

Google helps in finding an ATM near you
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If you are new to a place and you are constant search of ATM’s then the google has come up with a tool which will help you to find out the nearest ATM.If you have data ON on your mobile that’s simple to find out the nearest ATM.

Below the search on there will be a link ‘Find an ATM near you’ click on that and you will be navigated to the google maps, which will use your location data to show up all the nearest ATM where you can grab money.this feature is available in both desktops and mobiles.

Google helps in finding an ATM near you

Just click on the link ‘Find an ATM near you’.  with the help of GPS, it will consider your location and provide the list of nearest ATM’s that are available.
Unfortunately, google haven’t invented the feature to check whether the cash exists in ATM.
Due to demonetization,ATM’s are going wild. To know the line status check out the reviews commented by the users. so that you can get the live status
This feature is an integration to google maps ‘ATM finder feature’ which has been available for long in google search.
However, there are websites like and to provide information on ATM’s around you that are still dispensing cash.
These websites will be up to date as per the reviews given by the user. it will consider the reviews that were left by the user and update the status of the ATM .based on which, the options like CASH, NO CASH, WAIT will get updated.hence it will be up to date to check the status.
You can use social media to track which ATM has cash and how long the lines are. ATM’s were became a popular place for all the people after the demonetization of 1000 and 500. As per the latest update , only 2000’s were available in the ATM’s and there is a huge difficulty to get the change for that. better to go for cashless transactions.use your cards where ever possible.
The last date for the money exchange is the end of the year and that’s a huge, don’t go crazy by standing in the line for hours to exchange the money .

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