Habits that damage brain in many ways

Habbits that damage brain
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There are habits that damage Brain.Brain is one of the most sensitive part in the human body as much as it works, there will be a rapid effect to the brain. It is our responsibility to make our brain healthy. There are some bad habit which might damage our  brains health without any knowledge.So, let us take good care of our brain by changing our regular habits.

The change in these habits might increase your brain health and thus helps to concentrate and work more. According to World Health Organization(WHO), the below are the habits that damages human brain. There is a constant research that is done to get this result.

Habits that damages human brain:

Skipping Breakfast:

Due to the very tight schedule of our regular day, we sometimes prefer to skip our breakfast since we will not be that hungry or late to work. The reason might be any sort but the effect for this very same for all. Since, Morning food are real food for brain. One should never skip there breakfast.Skipping the breakfast may lead to the insufficient supply of nutrition’s to the brain which may results in degeneration of brain.

Morning food are real food for brain.

Sugar Intake:

Mostly, sugar is a favorite kind of item for everyone includes me.But too much intake of sugar might damage your brain as per the researchers.

There are some certain reasons to prove that as well. Too much intake of sugar will interupt the efficient absorption of protein and nutrients in our body.

It may also damage our brain development and tissue.


As you know smoking is very injurious to health. But it also damages your brain. Due to which the memory power of our brain may reduce and also there are some cognitive abilities.

Smoking might cause damage to the learning skills and thinking power.

Smoking kills but also injures.


Might have heard over-eating may cause obese. But it may also damage your brain by decreasing the mental power.

The spontaneous work for which you might got appreciation may wind off due to over eating . As per the WHO, the over-eating might damage the spontaneous work of brain.

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Sleep Deprivation:

Sleep Deprivation, which might be common for the cooperate people. Staying awake all over the night and waking up very late.This indeed may cause severe damage to your brain cells.There may be a cause of death of brain cells.

Air pollution:

Pollution is anyhow not good for health. Among them, Air pollution decreases the efficiency of our brain. But the air pollution is very common these days, we have to think about the ways to avoid it. Wear pollution mask while you are in polluted area. Try to avoid pollution as much as you can.

Head covered while sleeping:

Many of the people will sleep head covered with a pillow or something else which is not recommended by the researchers from WHO. In that way, The Carbon dioxide (CO2) level increases and oxygen(O2) level decreases . Head covered while sleeping may cause harm to your brain.

Working a lot:

Work-aholic, might have seen people who is more dedicated towards work than the personal life. This may or may not give satisfaction with the appraisal but will damages the effectiveness of brain. Too much work will not let brain to take rest and thus the effectiveness of it might go away.

Low water consumption:

Staying hydrated is very essential for your self to stay healthy and makes your brain work even more. 70% of human body is of water. Drink more water.

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There are few more habits that damage brain . Let us briefly go through them.

  • Less interaction, it is one among the habit that damage brain. Might have seen people who are more talkative. If you are expressing your thoughts some or the other way the brain functionality might get improved.
  • Not Engaging in stimulating thoughts, let your brain occupy something don’t let it sit quite thinking useless maters. Read some books. Solve some puzzles . In a way, those will improve your brains efficiency.

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