Travel checklist for comfortable trips

travel checklist for comfortable trips
Written by Anusha

There should be a travel checklist that needs to be taken care while you are travelling.Trips is a universal love for most of the people.

Many people love travelling . While planning for the voyage, our energy levels will be at peaks, but once you are back from the tour, you will be the most tired person all around.There are some inevitable consequences that you will face like tiredness, tan everything.

To make your trip the most memorable one make sure to add travel checklist and remember some important points that need to remember.

Power bank:

You will be moving all day and night, and you might not be knowing what happens, so it is better to carry a power bank with full of charge.

Make sure to carry headphones that might be relaxing when you are tired.
Camera and memory cards in case, it got exhausted.

Pack Lotion(Skincare):

This is vital to pack sunscreen lotion /cold cream while you are travelling.Based on the location of your travel and the climate of that, the skin care equipment has to be carried.

Travelling to a cool place like ooty then prefer carrying cold creams.Since your skin will get dried.
Travelling to beaches or the places where there will be a lot of exposure to the sun make sure to carry sunscreen lotion.

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Drink more water:

Staying hydrated is imperative. If you drink less water, you may feel drained. I know what are thinking about.. is that about loo?.. is it so! No problem many toilets are been constructed throughout the way. Use them. There are as many toilets as we have petrol bunks.
I have read in recent times, that a new law has introduced stating
You can walk into any restaurant or lodge to use the toilet, and there is no right for owners to question!

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Follow your regular workouts:

Never skip your workouts. Take some half an hour or so and spend some time for building up. This may help you to stay active throughout the day.

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Learn some basic local language of the place:

Few basics of the local language may be an added advantage. Through which you can communicate with the local people easily . when there is a real interaction then there will be less difficulty.

First aid kit:

You are travelling to somewhere you might have never been. You will never know what will effect your body. Carrying a first aid kit is the best practice. Thus, you can save your self. Help others who are in need of medicines or first aid.

Eat healthily:

As you are travelling, take care of your diet. Don’t eat everything that may upset your stomach. Let’s say you are travelling to the top-hill view and there will be a cause of big swings while you are travelling.Make sure to eat less or eat healthy food to avoid movement in the stomach.
Try some new varieties but if you don’t like it then leave it. I have seen too many people who will eat anything even though they didn’t feel like eating and end up suffering.

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There are some more extra tips that I wanted to share with you all,

  • Carry a book that you love to read.
  • Try to enjoy the climate and scenarios around.
  • To make your trip most memorable, talk with your friends, play some gaps. Enjoy your time
  • Talk to the local people and ask them what all specials of the place.
  • Keep your mobile phone away.
  • Best to carry a set of bed sheets, sweaters and pair of shocks to warm you up when required.

I hope you love reading it. Have a nice trip.

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